Liz Lamour – Chair

Liz Lamour is a consultant in the audiovisual systems design group at Cavanaugh Tocci Associates in Sudbury, MA. Liz earned her Master of Art in Architecture from the University of Kansas upon completion of Bob Coffeen’s architectural acoustics program in May 2012. Along with her Master’s diploma, she was also awarded a Newman Medal for her work measuring differences between source and listener locations in performance halls near KU. Liz attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for her undergraduate studies, and graduated magna cum laude with a dual-major Bachelor of Music degree in Music Production & Engineering and Professional Music. She has over a decade of experience as a musician, and her fascination towards sound, math, and science naturally evolved into a passion for acoustics and audiovisual systems. Liz is a member of the Metrowest Symphony Orchestra and spends as much time as she can outside hiking, camping, and exploring new places.

Victoria Suha – Secretary

Victoria Suha is a third year undergraduate studying electrical engineering at Northeastern University. She has played viola for over 12 years and has always been fascinated by the relationships between math and music. Currently she is doing research related to musical and psychoacoustics in the Auditory Modeling and Processing Lab (AMP lab) at NEU. Victoria’s research and passion for acoustics inspired her to start a student chapter of ASA at NEU and it is the first student chapter in the Greater Boston Area. Victoria also attended her first ASA conference in Providence where she presented her research. Although she is early in her education, Victoria is excited to build a bridge between the student chapter and the regional chapter of ASA and promote the diverse, cross disciplinary applications of acoustics.

Bob Connick – Treasurer

Robert Connick is a Consultant in Acoustics at Acentech, Inc in Cambridge, MA where his project concentration focuses in mechanical system noise control, vibration isolation, sound isolation, room acoustics, and acoustic modeling and auralizations. He holds a B.S. in Physics and Humanities and Arts, with a concentration in Music from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a M.S. in Architectural Acoustics from Rennsellaer Polytechnic Institute.

Nicole Cuff – Executive Board

Nicole Cuff is a Consultant in Acoustics at Acentech, Inc in Cambridge, MA where her project concentration focuses in mechanical system noise control, vibration isolation, sound isolation, and room acoustics. Her 12 years of mechanical engineering experience is extensive, ranging from multi-million dollar lifestyle centers, sports complexes, and universities to performance spaces, hospital and residential projects. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, enjoys singing in a local Boston group and judges the ICCAs, a national singing competition.

Herb Singleton – Executive Board

Herb Singleton is a past Treasurer and 15-year member of the GBC/ASA. As co-founder of Cross-Spectrum Acoustics based in Weston, MA, he specializes in acoustical measurements, transit noise and vibration control, and community noise issues.

Bill Cavanaugh – Executive Board

Bill Cavanaugh is a senior principal and founding partner of Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc., and provides consulting services in all phases of acoustics, noise control, and in the coordination of acoustical design in architecture and urban design. As a recognized expert in acoustics, Bill has lectured at numerous universities, including Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston Architectural Center, Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, and is an adjunct faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design, Division of Architectural Studies. He is a graduate of MIT’s architecture program, a past GBC Chair, and is very active within the society.

Mary Florentine – Executive Board

Mary Florentine is a Matthews Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern with affiliations in both the Bouvé College of Health Science and the College of Engineering. She is a former co-op student, who credits her high-level of job satisfaction to the Northeastern co-op system. She completed a doctorate in Experimental Psychology (Auditory Perception) at Northeastern University and performed post-doctoral work in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  After being appointed a Research Scientist at MIT, she returned to Northeastern University to join the faculty.  Professor Florentine has authored or co-authored two books and over 120 research papers on various topics related to hearing, including auditory neuroscience and perceptual acoustics, basic processing and models of auditory processing in normal and impaired hearing, the ability of non-native listeners to understand speech in noise, cross-cultural attitudes toward noise and annoyance, and hearing-loss prevention through education.  She has had continuous funding from NIH for about 25 years and has served as a distinguished professor, or the equivalent, in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the USA.  She is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the American Academy of Audiology. She also is Past President of the Greater Boston Chapter of ASA and currently serves as an Executive Board Member.